Bohemian Babe in Wonderland

Truthfully, I am free-spirited. Everything you will learn about my writing is as raw as my personality. You’ll be able to view that in each and every post, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know a little bit about the simplicity within the bigger picture of who I am.

Let’s see – my name is Julia. I more commonly respond to and refer to myself as Julie unless I slip my middle name in my title. Then it becomes Julia. I am currently a young twenty-something year old living in the beautiful state of Virginia. I have two children, each with fur and four legs that I love to death. And an amazing husband that I couldn’t imagine a life without.

I know I am all my own, I don’t often find similarities with people that are like me. I carry a wide array of interests that don’t particularly connect. I enjoy nature in it’s entirety with all of it’s wonders, as well as picking up a game of Call of Duty and getting lost in the violence. I am particular about the music I listen to from raging metal to dubstep, country to pop, rap to grunge. I am stuck on topics that make me think, whether that be word games or picking up a good book once in a blue moon. Or simply staring out at the world around me to depict the behaviors of people and life.

I’m not very tech savvy like the rest of the millennials. I’m not crazy into trends, although I probably should be for the sake of my small business. Which you should totally check out, because it’s awesome and I put a lot of work into making each piece an extension of who I am. (You can view this at the top of the page.) Surprisingly, I was able to figure out this whole web page making deal, though I swear I am like a baby boomer figuring out what a cell phone is for the first time when it comes to this stuff.

Whaaaaaat elseee? I’m not very political or religious. There’s things I believe in but it comes from a spirit within that stems from my own individuality in life. You will not read anything that is of the extremist format, but that is not to say that there won’t be anything of the clashing perspective within my writing. If you get offended easily, turn back now and don’t read any further. Or boss up and reread the text again and remove yourself from the offended emotions you may feel and carry on with a mutual understanding. Comment, converse and think awhile.

I am Julie.