Ello, Elloooo.

Wellllllll, hello there. Welcome to the mind behind the juliery! If you haven’t purchased from me or visited my Etsy shop before, it’s called Just Juliery. You can view my shop here, however this page is for the depth of character behind the business front that you will see displayed when you message me through Etsy. Simple human connection and interaction. To be ourselves in our own skin. To provide a mutual understanding of each other and the simplistic nature of life itself as well as the unexplainable.

If any of this interests you, stick around! Because there’s a lot to be said and asked. Here on the home page you can view all the weekly fun stuff, like what songs I’m stuck on, movies and what have you. Check the notes for snippets of some good shizz that you can find around the net. The blog section you can view and leave comments on what I’m talking about this week.

Got something to say about the home page junk? Leave a comment below. Please, send me a message, ask me questions, whether it be about my shop or a previously spoken about topic – I honestly don’t give a shit. Share your personality with me! Let’s converse ♥

Song of the Week

Are you ready for the perfect storm?

I am a huge fan of cover songs. Like absolutely, hugely in love with them lol. Our Last Night doing a cover of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. It’s fab and I am stuck on it this week.



Go back and pull out your Modern Warfare 3 game! Everyone has been playing it lately, more so than the newer games, and I’m one of them. Perhaps you’ll see me playing; Xbox 360 version of course. xSirenic Julia – that’s me kids. I’m not amazing though. Lately I’ve hit a sucky streak, hahaaha.


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